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The Garvin Group: A Full Service Insurance Broker

Our Stated Mission:


Our mission is to provide our clients, and their employees, with the best advice and service possible for the design, implementation, and management of their Employee Benefits Programs. Our goal is to increase benefit levels and decrease costs for each and every employer group and its employees.

A message from our Partners:


With over 25 years of experience in administering group benefits, The Garvin Group delivers the unparalleled service and expertise required to meet the challenges of providing benefits programs to your employees. We specialize in the design, pricing, implementation, and administration of health and welfare benefit programs including major medical, self-insured programs, ancillary benefits, voluntary lines, and financial services. The Garvin Group is structured to provide our services to all segments of the benefits marketplace, with our clients ranging in size from small businesses to large groups with as many as 5,000 or more employees. Our clients include public, private, and non-profit organizations.


Our extensive knowledge of the benefits marketplace, strong relationships with major insurance providers, access to exclusive products and services, and sharp negotiation skills enable us to produce excellent results for our clients. Our specialized focus on group benefits and our unique experience with a variety of benefit strategies positions us to support our clients in accomplishing their immediate and long-term health program objectives. Thank you for this opportunity to earn your business. We look forward to meeting your challenges and assisting you with the design and implementation of ideal benefits programs for your employees. Offer your employees more with The Garvin Group.


Bryan & Kevin Garvin



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